Sunday, April 16, 2017

RC Flyers Information

I received a copy of the article that appeared in the Casa Grande RC Flyers club this week regarding the renovations to their airfield.  Our Palm Creek RC Flyers will have a great place to continue their hobby.

Fellow Members:
I wanted to thank the flying club at Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort for donating three of their tables and four of their pilot stations to our club. Their field is closing on May 1, 2017 and we are hoping most of their members will join us at our field.
I also want to thank two of our members, Jerry Linderman and Ron St Pierre. Jerry paid for the truck rental and helped move the tables to our field and Ron and his family also provided the labor to facilitate the move. Without their kindness, and the generosity of the Palm Creek flyers, this would not have been possible.

Lastly I want to thank Jerry McDonald, Ken Hillery and Nancy Friedman for coming to our field work day this morning.  They were joined by Eric Schroder and the Maricopa 4 H Club members who worked tirelessly this morning to resurface, anchor and stain the work tables, install the pilot stations and move and anchor the starting table.  They also walked the runway to remove all the larger stones and the trash around the airfield and swept the lose gravel off the runway.  Without all of their help we, could not have competed these projects.  Also I want to thank Home Depot, who was kind enough to donate most of the material we needed.  If not for their donations and the labor of the individuals named above, we would have had to spend almost $1,000.00 from our club treasury to do what was done this morning.   Photos are below:
Alan Friedman, President Casa Grande RC Flyers
AMA District 10 Associate Vice President

I'm sure this aerial photo was taken by one of their drones.

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