Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Flowers arriving!

It's always exciting to see the first truckload of flowers arrive each fall.  It's proof positive that we're truly getting ready for "the season".  

We're always happy to see the flowers arrive but I wonder how our landscapers feel about it as it means hours of back and knee pain while they plant them all.  Anyway........we thank them for the pretty flower gardens we get to enjoy.

I want some of these yellow ones as they truly attract the butterflies!

Palm Park is turning green.

It looks so inviting to run barefoot through the mist of sprinklers.

The pull through area is busy this morning.

If you plan to have your RV or your park model washed before you arrive, I highly recommending making an appointment NOW as everyone of our vendors are busy around the park these days.

This crew is digging a path to the bistro and pro shop to run more underground lines.



We bought this really nice luxurious cat bed for our dear Mouse.
Notice that it still remains empty and unused.

Here's where I found him sleeping this morning.  
Nothing like napping in the litter box!!

I think our cat needs a psychiatrist.

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Mudding" the Ballroom

Dick Rietz has a ringside view of the ballroom progress as he lives right across the street from the action.  Dick sent these videos so you could watch the process with us.

Thank you, Dick!

This huge beam is getting ready for installation.  I'm not sure where it belongs but will find out tomorrow.



Mouse climbs into our TV stand and watches us as we watch the TV.....or at least try to concentrate on the TV.  It's hard to pay attention to the show when Mr. Mouse is watching us so closely.

Golf Cart Woes

What a nuisance to be without a golf cart!  We sent ours in for it's semi-annual maintenance but it hasn't been returned yet so we couldn't make our morning rounds with cameras in hand.

Friends are making contributions during our downtime.

Avis Gray sent some photos from the inter-community windup party held this past weekend.  This inter-community group allows enough players to gather a couple times a week during our HOT summer months.


A very talented and dedicated lady (Kay) created these delicious cupcakes for the occasion.  I got to sample one of the yummy chocolate ones.....yes that pickleball is candy frosting and fully edible!  Very very creative.

Many of you may know Tom Gottfried as he is a familiar face at the pickleball courts and is the main photographer for their big events.  Tom sent this note with some fantastic photos this week!!

"This male Anna’s hummer was watching over 4 feeders and the only one he would allow to come close was a hungry female.  These photos are all of the same bird.  The only difference is how the light was shining on him this morning.  In the last photo he must have thought about his appearance, flew around the house and came back with his head feathers parted.  Looks like a tough little bugger, doesn’t he?"

Tom also captured this awesome shot of a burrowing owl that visited his garden.




Mouse has become so popular  that I feel obligated to post something about him each day.  Believe it or not.....he's being a good boy today so there's nothing new to report.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Street Resurfacing

We sorta gave up on trying to do our rounds on this side of the park today due to the street resurfacing taking place.  Even if the barricades were down, we didn't want to be the first ones to drive over the new black surface and risk bringing it home on our tires.  Our golf cart goes to A1 Golf today for its summer maintenance so well be back in action on Monday.  

Looks like someone was impatient on this street though as they must have driven right through the barricade leaving very fresh tire tracks.



The biggest news in our quiet lives is the new $500 security door from Lowes.  Installers were here yesterday.

They measured and trimmed until it fits perfectly.  Nice job!

Passed final inspection as it closes securely.
BUT...............later that afternoon when it came time to close the inside door, we discovered that we can't close both the inside door and the new screen door at the same time as the handles bump into each other.  LOL.  Whoops.  The guys will return this afternoon to make the adjustment.

Mouse added to our morning coffee entertainment as he tested out the new door.

You don't suppose it's a matter of time before he learns to pull down the handle??!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Lots of prep work for starting the outside stucco work on the pro shop. 

It takes three stages for the stucco.  First is the brown "mud".

Next is the stucco itself (color).  Then it takes 3-4 days to set before the final work.

Looks like stage 1 is about completed.

Inside walls are being finished.

Still lots and lots of digging for all the trenches.  So much underground work!!!
Miles and miles worth of pipes!


Photos from inside the ballroom.
Quite an operation!

I gain new respect for contractors every day as I watch these buildings develop.
Can't imagine keeping it all in line with electric, water, inspections, air conditioning, heating,  walls, ceiling, etc. not to mention scheduling inspections and wok crews.  Whew!!

Outside is getting prepped as well.



Poor Mouse has been in trouble so many times today that he's hiding out under my desk instead of up top by me.  

He even looks guilty.