Monday, August 22, 2016


Looking for a place to get a nice haircut that is close to Palm Creek?  Try Tina Heward at Cypress Point just a block or two from the park down McMurray.  Appointments can be made Monday through Friday.  

Some of you may know the previous Shear Elegance run by Mary.  Mary has retired and Tina bought the shop.  Tina has completely renovated the salon and installed new chairs and equipment.  Easy walking or biking distance from the resort.

It was another "out to lunch bunch" today so our Mahjong group headed to the Creative Cafe.  We've given Bonnie Koons the grand title of "Red Dragon" since she was so kind and helpful introducing a bunch of us to the game.  Now she sports a pair of earrings as our gift.

We all sport our new Mahjong earrings.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A little more dust

A little more dust won't hurt us.  Winds were only gusting to 25 mph so it wasn't bad.  Just a typical monsoon day.  It looks much bigger when Phoenix shows it from the air.

Here's what it was from my kitchen window.  You can tell by the trees it was quite gusty.

Weatherbug shows all the green area as dust.

We had a few drops of rain -- just enough to give us a pretty rainbow and then we had clear sky again.  Monsoon storms never last longer than a few minutes as they "blow" through the area.

Forecast for the week looks pretty good.  Nothing over 110 which is a good thing!

Storm or no storm, we stay indoors and have FUN.  Today we celebrated Lillie Corbitt's birthday.  Lillie's birthday was in April but it's never too late to have a party.

We have a new game now.  It's Mahjong with cards instead of the regular tiles.  Thought we'd give it a try.

Tonight was Omaha.  Just one table of 8 players but we had a great time.  Say hello to John Mizer.  He and his wife Suzanne are just moving into a new house at 1981 and will be year-round residents.  The sales office has been very busy this summer.


Friday, August 19, 2016

More Maintenance Chores

Contractors and landscape crews work constantly around here.  You can almost always see Clint on a lawn mower.

The yards along Cole Circle have had a recent trimming.  The trees and shrubs have really grown a lot this past year so their new "haircut" looks nice.

Marcos and Faustino were hard at work replacing sod in the dog runs to keep the grass fresh and green for the Palm Creek pups.

APS is changing out some of the electrical boxes......or something.  Don tried to explain it to me but I'll just summarize and say "they're fixing things".  It meant that our block was without power for a few minutes today.

I think this is about the last empty lot along the golf course.  It won't be empty long as I see them digging today.

We happened to be near the north gate to watch another house entering.

It's going in over here at site 1959.

Congratulations to Kevin and Kathy Root.  Your new house has arrived.
John Blount has been on duty to watch every one of the new homes arrive.  


My Favorite!!!

Newsy Note from our General Manager

This message went out in an email blast yesterday.  Hope everyone received it okay.  If you didn't get the email, contact the front office and ask to have your name added to the email list.

Palm Creek Residents,

Projects around the resort are moving along. We are getting ready for a great year at Palm Creek. Trimming it up and making it green for you all.

The shade sails at the new pool will be raised next week which should make the Volleyball folks happy.

Concrete repairs have been done to the main pool deck and we will be repainting the cool deck area in September as the temperature drops.

The Pottery Club has 2 new kilns. Installation will begin this week. Also new paint on the walls.

The Stain Glass room has new paint on the walls and will be getting new cabinets in the next two weeks.

Fernando and his crew will be laying down a new runway for the RC Flyers in a couple weeks.

The maintenance crews are working hard to assure you a comfortable stay at Palm Creek.

Note for our guests:

I recently received numerous emails from our Canadian guests requesting we broadcast some Canadian based TV channels. We requested information from our contracted service provider on this. Unfortunately network contracting, FCC regulations and legalities prohibit them from re-broadcasting international signals from Canada at this time. Palm Creek will look at expanded coverage again in the future if the situation changes.

Our Sales team are here to help you with your future purchases. Take advantage of the Home Deals and Specials.

Don’t forget! Event tickets are on sale and going fast! We have a great group of events this winter season. The Activities Office opens October 17th for residents to pick up their tickets.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Kevin Flynn
General Manager

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thirsty Donkey Opens!

The new bar and sports grill called the Thirsty Donkey did a soft opening tonight so, of course, we gathered up a gang and headed over to check it out.  It was a blast!  Soooo much fun.

Congratulations to Justin and Wensda Serfass who are the owners.

The whole back wall of the bar is set up for self serve special brews.  You can go to their Facebook page to get the details of how the system works.

You pick up a sampler glass and walk down the line to sample a bit of any kind that sounds interesting.  Just scan your card.  After you pour your drink, the screen changes and tells you how much you poured and how much is left on your 40 ounce allotment.  

It was certainly fun to try a lot of flavors of micro brews.  Once you picked your favorite, you could go over to the freezer and pick out a nice ice cold glass and fill up with your choice.

All the staff members were super friendly and eager to please.....and give us instructions on how to run the taps.  They even taught me how to do a selfie with the cute donkey statue on the bar.

It worked better when someone else took the picture though.

Palm Creek had a good sized crew for opening night.

This was strictly a soft opening so audience was limited to about 50 people for training purposes.  We even got a 25% discount for volunteering as guinea pigs.  Fun!

Justin gave Glo Mason her private lesson on the tap.

Food was great too.  The specialty is Philly Cheesesteak so that's what most of us ordered.


Paul asked for a small order of chicken wings.

Linda said she could tell we were in a new restaurant because she was given a clean virgin bottle of catsup.  

Our drink ticket at the end of the evening showed exactly what we had poured.

It was a FUN FUN experience and we shall definitely be going back again soon.